Don't Google, just Tweet

The Advisor Bot analyses your Twitter Timeline for hobbies, interests, location etc. and matches it to the Timeline of all Pools. The results are then sorted by Pool performance based on Stake size, Pledge, Margin and other KPIs to finally present you the Top 5 Pools that qualify for your further attention. You dont have to spend hours in searching for the right pool. Now you just need to follow the Bot

and DM Pools: To receive best match among all Pools

Don't want to miss any Transaction in your Wallet?

We are used to getting SMS and Email Alerts when a transaction takes place in our Bank Account or Credit Card. But no one Alerts us when a transaction takes place in our Wallet - like on a NFT airdrop or when you receive a expected payment. If you wish to spend your time on something more usefull than refreshing your wallet balance then subscribe to @CardanoAdvisor

To subscribe for Wallet Alerts, follow the Bot and DM: Wallet StakeID . Whenever there is a transaction, the Bot will send you a DM mentioning the new Wallet Balance.

Try it out: e.g. Wallet stake1u9mjvk55xpsf44efvrs6rw5sk26gzmvphfcmhtcx2g0av7gqftnmq

Don't wish to miss updates to the Pool you have delegated to e.g. increase in Margin and Costs?

Alert you at every Epoch begin in case the Pools you have delegated to change their Data. At the moment the following Data is being monitored:

Pool Ticker, Pool Description, Homepage, Declared Pledge, Margin Cost, Fixed Cost

To subscribe for Pool Alerts, follow the Bot and DM:

Alert POOLNAME e.g. Alert SNSKY

How can SPOs ensure that their Pool is found?

The Bot uses Machine Learning to find the best matches. To increase the chance that your Pool is found, please consider the following:

Pool performance: No Missed Slots, Pledge is met, Relays online

Follow the Bot to get tagged. For non followers, only the Pool description Metadata is analyzed but not the Timeline

Twitter profile contains the Pool Ticker and Location. The Ticker should ideally be a separate word e.g. SNSKY Pool and not SNSKYPool

Twitter profile description is machine readable e.g. AFR!CA is not recognised Africa

That’s it. The Rest is taken care by the Bot!

If you have done everything right, the Bot will suggest you, your own Pool as one of the best matches. Test it out!

How are you SPO peers performing?

All Pools are competing with each other for delegators. Do you wish to know, how your growth is in comparision to your immediate peer Pools?

The Bot can evaluate your Pools growth over the last Epoch, in relation to other Pools close to you with similar Stake. Seems interesting or? Just follow the Bot and DM Peers