Why should you delegate to SNSKY?

We are a group of college friends who have come back together to run the SNSKY Stake Pool, with the Mission to create usefull content for the Cardano Community. Our Grafana Tutorial is very popular and is included in the CoinCashew Tutorial and in the Cardano Foundation Developer Portal. The Twitter Bot we developed is getting popular day by day and helping newcomers easily find the right Pools that match thier interests. We are also working on an exciting DApp. Stay Tuned!

Trees clean the air we pollute and preserve the water we drink. We wish that our children continue to live in a world where everyone can see a pollution free Summer Night SKY and we make our little contribution by planting trees. If you wish to help, it will be great if you can join our Fundraiser

By delegating to our Pool you can not only support the development and maintainance of these community tools but also receive consistant rewards and regular Token give aways. Thank You!


Grafana Tutorial

Once you have sucessfully set-up a Cardano pool, then comes the most beautifull part - setting up your Dashboard and Alerts!

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Twitter Bot

The Advisor Bot analyses your Twitter Timeline present you the top matching Pools

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…coming soon. Stay Tuned!



How can you delegate using an APP?

Click the icon to download the Yoroi mobile app for your device Launch the app and follow the instructions to connect/create/restore your Cardano wallet

When the Wallet is ready, go to the “Dashboard” tab and click “Go to Staking Center” Search for the Pool “SNSKY” Click the “Delegate” button

our Pool ID is: 075578defd7ee97cbeaa2937e5819099cb3835ac9f9c8b1a2c3a3578

How can you delegate using an Browser?

Click the icon to download the Yoroi Light wallet Choose your browser option after clicking the download button

After adding it to your browser, launch the Yoroi wallet extension within the browser Follow the instructions to connect/create/restore your Cardano wallet Go to the “Delegation list” tab, and search for search for “SNSKY” Click the “Delegate” button

our Pool ID is: 075578defd7ee97cbeaa2937e5819099cb3835ac9f9c8b1a2c3a3578

What mining infrastructure is being used?

All our nodes fulfill the highest security standards including multiple Authentication layers and multiple firewalls.

At the moment we have 3 Relay nodes, 1 Producer node and 1 Monitoring node. One of the relays is on stand-by to act as producer if needed. To support geographical decentralization, we have Relays running in Europe and in India. All nodes have the same specification (6 vCore CPU, 16GB RAM, 200GB SSD, 200 Mbps) and are with different providers at different locations, ensuring no single point of failure. Some of our nodes are running on Green Energy and we are donating to Tree projects to keep our footprint CO2 neutral!

You know of a cool Tree project?

We plan to donate every quarter a % of our Pool profits to One Tree planted, but also welcome new ideas and projects from our delegators. Important for us is that the donations clearly helping on a specific environmental issue. Do join our One Tree Planted Fundraiser if you wish to help: https://forest-fundraiser.raisely.com/sam The summary of our donations upto now: https://github.com/CardanoMDP/Donations/tree/main/SNSKY

Drop us a message on any of our channels.